Flipped Classroom
Check out this post from Edmodo
external image mthartwig_t.jpg?r=i77 Ms . Hartwig - this is how & why i had to flip -- this is the first intro my kids received -- sent it to all the parents asking them to watch this with the kids
then here is a 2 part lesson -- i break lessons into parts rather than one big video
Jul 13, 2011

Google Apps in the Classroom

California Media Festival - videos that Hall Davidson showed

Circus Pecha Kucha


Alan Levine's space for barking about and playing with technology - post on PeckaFlikr July13, 2010

davecormier on Broadcast Live Free
pecha kucha presenttion format Giulia Forsythe
Five Card Flickr could do this kind of “powerpoint karaoke”
Dave Cormier’s gauntlet toss down (via Google Plus, it is public, so I hope the link works for everyone)– Dave’s idea was to have his network suggest the tag to do, and then he free form did a made up talk using pechaflickr, sent out as live desktop video

Green Screening

Kim and Mark

Thank you to

Lisa Thompson-Tech4integration for sharing the DENSI links

Google Group Doc

Jen Wagner - Show Off Your Stuff

DENSI2011 Resource Spreadsheet from Sessions